Diamondback db9 gen 4 extended magazine

The feat of creating a pocket 9mm roughly the size of most pocket.

Diamondback Magazine Db9 Gen 4 - 9mm 6 Round Black Flat Bottom

Instead of appreciating that Diamondback had found a way to make such a gun, consumers complained. Most of the complaints were a simply matter of not understanding the pistol. A more accurate comparison would have been against the LCP and Bodyguard since the DB9 is more of a pocket gun than a single-stack 9mm. Diamondback specifically warned against this in the manual, but people still did and results were often destruction of the firearm.

The 4th generation DB9 has had some serious upgrades to bridge these gaps. Specifications below are taken directly from the product web page. Diamondback has worked with a number of holster manufacturers to ensure that holsters were ready and so we were able to test with a CrossBreed Holster which looked like a bit of an overkill for such a small gun, but had us checking to make sure the gun was still there.

The pistol is snappy, but that's to be expected from such a small gun. Is there a need or reason for such a gun? Pocket guns don't have to be. Will it be pleasant to shoot? No, but it's not meant to be, it's meant to be an excellent concealable tool. About Graham Baates. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the local 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel on the side.

Visit Graham on Youtube. How does this compare to the kel tec pf9?

diamondback db9 gen 4 extended magazine

I am in the market for a small 9 and think that these 2 are in the running. According to reviews, skip the PF 9. That gun is not reliable, while the DB9 GEN 4 has been very reliable so far according to many reviews so far. The DB9 is smaller too. Be very careful what you order. It would be nice insurance against ignorance or carelessness.

Have an early model — Gen 1 with a Gen 2 slide. Only issue is that it will not feed the first round from a full magazine.

Decreasing the mag loadout to 5 rounds makes the gun run flawlessly. I down-load single stack mags by one round and double stacks by two. More reliable and removes an easily addressed variable from even super-reliable pistols.

Mag springs last longer, too. My Honor Guard 9mm has 0. I think this Diamond is perhaps a bit thinner. It is my daily carry gun. Any chance of seeing a side by side comparison and your thoughts at the range shooting both of them? I have reviewed both of them. The Honor Guard is a fine pistol, but in a different category of guns. Consider the Diamondback a pocket gun chambered in 9mm while the Honor Guard is in the single-stack 9mm sub-compact size range.

The excellent Springfield 3. It has actually become my favorite pistol to both shoot and carry. I much prefer the grip safety over a traditional type AND the fact that there is NO magazine-disconnect safety.The 9mm Diamondback DB9 G4 is an affordable striker-fired micro-compact that is small enough for pocket carry. A pint-sized 9mm carry pistol that can be stored almost anywhere or worn with almost anything, the Diamondback DB9 Gen 4 brings a lot to the table.

The micro-framed DB9 Gen 4, with an unloaded weight of just With a flush-fit magazine shoe installed, its height is 4-inches flat. The maximum width is 0. The DB9 stacks up a skosh bigger than the mouse guns out there, while coming in smaller— and slimmer— than a snub-nosed.

If a gun is over 4-inches in height or over an inch thick, you can hang it up for pocket carry— or deep carry for that matter. Notably, the DB9 lives in that range but runs on 9mm, which is a bonus. A pound of prevention, more or less. There are, for sure, drawbacks to such a carry technique.

For instance, drawing from a front pocket is hard while seated, making back pocket carry more ideal if you spend lots of time on your keister— but you have to train for it. As with anything, your mileage may vary. Such carry may not be ideal for everyday use, but I did find it great for going to the gym as I find it weird to wear a belt with track pants.

This also lends well to use as a BUG to a larger handgun. The replaceable Glock pattern steel sights include a red front post with green rear dots while night sights are readily available.

Note the front and rear slide serrations and fenced slide stop lever. Shooting 7. This allows for decent accuracy. The DB9 is not finicky when it comes to 9mm ammo. The closest thing I had to a malfunction in over 1K rounds fired was short stroking the slide on two occasions during loading drills with a closed slide.

With that, keep in mind that the recoil spring is super stout on this palm-sized pocket pistol, especially when over a full magazine, and you must go about charging a DB9 with your game face on. Such an issue is overcome by locking open the empty pistol and inserting a full magazine, then releasing the slide. With big mitts, there is the occasional snakebite. See what we did there?

While you can fire 50 or rounds at a time through the DB9, after that you are just kind of beating yourself around.

diamondback db9 gen 4 extended magazine

In other words, the gun is great for monthly ideally practice but if you are going to go to a week-long 1,round tactical handgun course, you may want to leave this one at home and reach for something more comfortable. Whether it was at the gym or kayaking offshore, the DB9 was an easy companion that gave peace of mind— even in pocket carry without taking up room in clothing options that were outside the norm.

Besides, a 9mm you will carry with you is worth more in real terms than a heavier or bulkier one you leave at home, right? The Sig P is a widely carried defensive pistol, it has many variations but today we're taking a look at Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful.

The CZ line of gas-less semi-automatic shotguns is not only new to the company but fairly new to the My Account See Cart. The Guns. Is that a DB9 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? At about a pound, you get a holstered 9mm with seven rounds on tap. At practical accuracy under 25 yards, the DB9 holds its own. Latest Headlines.

Latest Reviews. Best Wheelguns for Big Game Hunting Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful.I've put 50 rounds through it and another through the original magazine that came with the gun and is identical to it. I had two failures to feed from this mag and realized it was from not racking the slide back fully when chambering the first round.

That short db9 needs every quarter inch it has when you're racking its light slide! It is not a with a slide that weighs 20oz. Not the magazines fault and easily correctable when loading and shooting. This was really my only option to obtain extra magazines for the handgun since they seem no longer to be available through the manufacturer.

I don't how or what to compare them against for price comparison but the overall transaction from placing the online order to actually receiving the merchandise was satisfactory. And the magazines seem to work perfectly fine with the handgun. No complaints. Exact size as the one that came with the firearm. I believe these have a different spring I hope so!

I haven't shot it since purchasing these, but hope to soon. The DB9's slide does not stay open after the last round is fired and the magazine only holds 6 rounds. Mine came with 1 magazine, which is okay but a 2nd magazine is much needed if you are going to carry the DB9. This magazine worked great. Not really easy to find, pricey in some places Condition is used. Great condition.

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Diamondback DB9 gen 4 magazine dropping problem solved?

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diamondback db9 gen 4 extended magazine

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Your love for the latest technological innovations and high-performance gear won't go un-encouraged at Guns. We understand that functionality and quality are important, whether you're a tactical professional or simply have a love for the aesthetic. The Guns. This extended replacement magazine is for the Diamondback DB9 Gen 4. Why Buy from Guns. Latest Reviews. Read More.

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Gun Review: Diamondback DB9 Gen 4 After 3 Months & 1,000 Rounds

To be notified when back in stock, please enter your email address. Add to Cart. Wish List. Send to Friend. Share Your List. Wishlist link has been copied. Brand: Diamondback Firearms. UPC: Item : FC ZIP Code. Ship: Typically ships within 5 to 7 business days. This magazine is a standard factory replacement magazine for DB9 Gen 4 pistols.

This magazine is compatible with Diamondback DB9 Gen 4 pistol models which are chambered in 9mm Luger and hat magazine will holds 6 cartridges. This magazine is made from quality materials and components and you will notice that it features a black finish. Since this magazine is a factory Diamondback part it is made to Diamondback's specifications and tolerances using the same materials as the original magazines that shipped with your firearm.

This will ensure that not only will the magazines match your existing magazines but you can rest assured of a perfect fit and always reliable cycling and operation. Additionally this particular magazine comes standard with the flat bottom base plate.

Diamondback began their journey in with a desire to develop firearms and accessories that spoke to them without any compromise. You can rest assured that every product that is stamped with the Diamondback logo has been designed, tested and manufactured here in the USA. Cheaper Than Dirt is proud to offer the best Diamondback DB9 magazines at the best prices you'll find online. Be sure to check back on our website often, as we're always adding new magazines to our inventory on a daily basis.

Our Low Price null.Pocket pistols have been popular nearly as long as firearms have been available. From pepperboxes to derringers, men and women have frequently sought a small handgun that could be carried in deep concealment for self-defense.

In this Diamondback DB9 GEN 4 review, I take a look at the reliability and usability of this tiny 9mm handgun developed for just such a use. Is the new gun a substantial improvement compared to the first generation pistol?

It is less than 0. In short, it is a very flat, easy to conceal handgun chambered for a respectable defensive cartridge. It could be considered an alternative to the classic J-frame for pocket carry. The original handgun hit the market about 10 years ago, and I had a chance to review one then. For many shooters, the size of this pistol will be the initial attraction.

It is relatively small at just 5. With an empty magazine, the gun weighs In my view, one of the key measurements on this pistol is its thickness. At the widest part, the gun is only 0. The slide has a maximum width of 0. Some people carry wallets that are thicker than this pistol. Even with its small size, Diamondback Firearms still managed to fit this pistol with a 3.

diamondback db9 gen 4 extended magazine

I envision this as a potential replacement for the J-frame revolver. Many people carry a 5-shot. Texturing is on the front and rear of the frame in the grip area. The slide, also made of stainless steel, has deep serrations on the front and rear for a positive grasp.

The slide has a QPQ black nitride finish. Each time you stroke the trigger, you get a consistent pull. The trigger is round with a smooth face. There is a considerable amount of take-up with a fairly short pull. Using an average of 10 pulls with a digital Lyman trigger pull gaugeI measured the pull weight to be just under 7. When the trigger breaks, the trigger is up against the frame of the pistol eliminating any potential overtravel. The reset is relatively short.

Many, if not most, sights on pocket pistols are tiny and difficult to use. When you add in how your vision is altered by body alarm response in a self-defense encounter, a lot of subcompact pistol sights are functionally useless. Diamondback Firearms elected to go with full-size sights with Glock-compatible bases.

Before you rush over to the Brownells catalog to find a new set, take a good look at the stock sights. Actually, they are possibly the best factory 3-dot sights on any subcompact pistol currently on the market.

Diamondback uses a wide U-shaped rear sight that allows for quick sighting in a defensive situation. While potentially less precise, the design should allow you to get your pistol on target rapidly for center mass hits. This style sight is what many aftermarket companies are moving toward because of its efficiency. Having a gun for self-defense is only part of the equation.

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